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After a few hectic days, I am now about to declare my brand new (and first ever) studio for open! Ever since I joined 
Pamela Caughey‘s first class and life changing course and free tutorials and became a part of the incredible creative and including Facebook-group of painters which was included in the course, I have been determined. This is what I wish for myself, I want to paint, I want to make art always and forever. 
So, there is celebration on the schedule this late Saturday evening, I just mentioned cake for my studio buddy Rufus, and cake it will be, at this very moment!

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Monochromatic series Exploring the play stages

This stage is about searching, finding, trying and failing, covering, discovering, taking risks and finding a path forward for each one of the paintings. In all respects this is a exciting part of the process, to be honest actually a bit nerve wrecking too. Probably because tons of possibilities require tons of decisions to be made =)

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My goodness, the bird had a body too!

This was a surprise, I was going to separate these four to easier finish them one by one. But there it sat, the big old birds head with his eyes peaking into one of the paintings suddenly had a body as well, stretching over two more paintings. This is kind of mysterious because I absolutely worked with each and one of them separately. My focus was on ovals, and curves this time, so I used my flexible curve ruler and larger cut out stencils, and in order to not be too fuzzy, I didn’t care if I crossed the tape. So, what on earth do I do with this bird, it seems too brutal to cut of his head, and it seems not right to leave the tape there either. This is a puzzle, any suggestions? 🤔😲😅

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Black & white studies, work still under progress

These paintings are now closer to have their final structure, lines and values. It is a continuous dialogue between me and the paper, the conversation is still ongoing, but I believe I can see what the final result will be looking like. That is, if I don’t overwork them and need to start all over by scraping them down again =)