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“It was not all dark”

Playing with left-over paints. Cold wax and oil paints on board.

It’s something with the recklessness in this approach which really appeals to me. It’s a unpredictable way of playing, with different palettes over a long period of time. The neutral grays act as calming and binding factors when I try to try to tidy this busy mess up.

5 thoughts on ““IT WAS NOT ALL DARK”

  1. I think working with random elements is one of the most freeing things to do in art and I think somehow it liberates the mind to let a different way of doing things come out, almost on its own, or at least this is how I have found it myself. I really like how this one turned out – I especially like the muted colors with the strong black and white.

    1. Hi Claudia, thanks a lot for your very nice comment! Yes, absolutely it is wonderful just to play with colors, values and marks, no plans, no idea what to expect, no ambitions to achieve miracles in any way. I am so curious, I always wonder what if, so painting is vacation and Christmas eve all at ones, to the point when I get stuck or need to scrape it all down again…. I took a little peek into your amazing blog! I so wish that I had more time to read and to interact with you and many more here at WordPress. The problem is that I am so engaged already with a wonderful painting course and it’s following Facebook group, where I am also administrator. Again, super nice to hear your take both on making art, and your much appreciated opinion on my painting! Happy painting and writing from Merete =)

      1. Thank you, and I appreciate it that you were able to visit my site. I have had several art acquaintances working in the same medium as you so I know a little bit about how you work, and I find your work so appealing and lively.

      2. Yes, and I am so impressed over all that you have published, I would absolutely love to read much much more! I got a brief look on your super mail cards also, looking very interesting! So fun that you know about this medium, I am pretty new to it, but consider myself as a big fan and addicted to cold wax and oils by now =)

      3. Thank you. I’m at a time in my life when I can finally indulge myself and I’m taking full advantage of the opportunity, and I am enjoying myself and am content. I like reading about what you are doing – as I said I know a little about the medium, enough to appreciate the work and the technical difficulties, I wish you much success with it and I hope to see lots more images as time goes on!

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