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Finishing touches on this painting, acrylic and mixed media on canvas

6 thoughts on “Finishing touches on this painting, acrylic and mixed media on canvas

  1. I really like these. The color palette is very harmonious and calming and then having the images show through as they do add interest, in kind of a way that’s like images from a dream.

    1. Oh what a wonderful comment, thanks so much Claudia! I am normally painting abstract these days, but sometimes themes like landscapes seem to materialize and I welcome it. Dreamlike scenery open for interpretations, suggestions instead of statements, I really like to see this in other artists paintings, so I am happy you saw some of the same in my piece =)

  2. Just lovely. I like to think of myself as an artist but then I see people like you and I realize how much work I have to do.

    1. Hi you! Thank you so much for your kind words! But please, you must never give up becoming the artist that you wish to be! I’ve searched a bit on your site, but couldn’t find any of your paintings, but I take it that you would love to paint in addition to your great writing? I did take a sneak peek on your posts, and you have a lot to share, wow! If you go to my home page, you will find a few links which may give you the amazing ignition which i just have had for my artistic carrier. One of the links are offering free tutorials so you can get an idea what Pamela’s courses and teaching are about! My warmest regards! Merete =)

      1. I have my drawings on my youtube channel. I make time lapse videos of them.

      2. Oh wow, you really are an excellent drawer! I could never have done what you are doing for sure, I have no patience you see!

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