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Abstracted Landscape, work under progress

This painting is still in explore stage, which means that I am taking risks, taking drastic steps, trying out ideas, am scratching, applying, subtracting while wet. Then sanding, and more layers, more sanding, scratching and so forth. I find this stage to be the most challenging of them all, when the mind must be open and quickly be responding to these changes, when I must dare to loose, to paint over what I loved, in order to achieve a more interesting expression further down the way.

4 thoughts on “Abstracted Landscape, work under progress

  1. I recognize that part, removing or covering over parts you love for some thing better later-you hope !

    1. Awe Claudia, not the easiest to do, it hurts a bit each time, doesn’t it. But the process do make us braver and freer over time =)

      1. I have noticed that once I finally accept that a cherished section of a painting must go, I then see how it was holding back the overall composition. Sometimes now I take a photo of the area before I paint over it, just to keep for a little while to remind me. I don’t know why but that seems to be a good thing for me.

      2. That is such a great way Claudia, we are recommended to document all paintings for the same reason. Then we can go back and see what we had and what we gained by being braver, so I always take photos while a session is finished =)

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