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“Somewhere south would be nice” work under progress.

This painting is almost finished, I love to play with these rectilinear shapes, houses can be so much, they can contain so much and say so much about the builder and mean so much for the viewer. The next moves on this painting will be to keep the values in check, and to add some more details, yet without loosing the looseness and atmosphere. A bit of tweaking and hopefully this one will soon be ready for framing.

14 thoughts on ““Somewhere south would be nice” work under progress.

  1. Love the atmosphere in this painting.

    1. Thank you so much Chris, you see I really am not fond of winters, so this was a way for me to dream away to more southern parts of the world, where there are no snow or frost =)

      1. Like New Zealand, where I live, and we’re about to go into spring? 🙂

      2. Oh, that’s not fair, really! Here in Norway it is of course the other way around, have had the first mice indoors already… Yes, or southern part of Europe, not so far away =)

      3. Ah, right. From the photos I’ve seen of Norway, it’s a gorgeous place. I’d love to see it, but yes, probably when it’s warmer. My wife, on the other hand, loves the snow. 🙂

      4. From what I’ve heard, it is quite similar to NZ, both nature and population. I am disliking winter more with age it seems, and so is my boyfriend. Hopefully we can find a winter residence later on =)

      5. Yes, from the photos I’ve seen, the landscape is quite similar.

  2. That is a wonderfully rich painting!

    1. Thank you so very much, I love to work in glazes upon glazes and am sanding in between them, this painting is richer in person but so difficult to photograph accurately for the same reason =)

      1. You are most welcome!
        Yes, the camera often does not show what the eye sees! I think your work is wonderful and many of the ones you have flagged as unfinished, I – who cannot paint at all – think “but it is” haha. 🙂

      2. Well said my friend, the eye is still superior to technique in some ways, it also can be just me who don’t know how to use the camera, this may very well be the case… Thank you so very much for your kind words, making a painting is in every single way a challenge, so much to choose from, and to choose away, and one of the most difficult tasks; to know when it is finished! I’ve learned that the only one person an artist can trust is oneself, no matter how daunting that might be, and it is 😜😊

      3. Ha, yes, I imagine that is a really hard call to make and while I envy your talent, I don’t envy having to decide “there, that’s it”!! 🙂

      4. Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me, it’s not like somebody has forced me to paint, but all of a sudden new panels and paint sort of place themselves in front of me, and here we go again, haha! Gosh, I love to paint, even if it is sometimes is nerve wrecking, it also is so over the moon exciting 😊

      5. That sounds so wonderful! Clearly, there is an inner force forcing you to make use of your innate talent! As it should 😉

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