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EXPLORING painting under progress


Exploring, I mean really exploring this time. I decided in a blink of a second that I wanted to go high key, it has been many mid-tone and darker landscapes lately, I wanted to go light and I wanted to go abstract! So, this is today’s total transformation of yesterday’s exploration. Also attaching some closeups. I feel much better now doing something drastic, comments are much appreciated 😅🥰

4 thoughts on “EXPLORING painting under progress

  1. This is just beautiful. I love the lightness of it.

    1. Oh thank you so much Claudia, it is kind of daunting to do such drastic moves, but the fact is that this really got me excited because of all the new possibilities which suddenly appeared! So liberating to go back to abstracts again also =)

      1. You have such an eye for color and expressing it in this way, I am glad to see the abstract work again too, as it allows me to imagine all sorts of half-glimpsed worlds, or dreams…

      2. Oh dear, you made me so happy with your lovely comment! I feel that landscapes, although they are fascinating and challenging to work with, takes so much away of my looseness. Not so strange I guess, something about trying to get it to look somewhat realistic in addition to adding my own personality to them. So, for now, there will be abstract painting for quite a while, probably a series of light paintings! I have one more landscape to finish though, it’s almost done I think 😊 Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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