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“HAVING A BALL” work under progress

Clarifying, editing, checking values, checking shapes, colors, marks and pops of saturation. This painting has gone through some total transformations, it really is strange, I started a series of 7 landscapes a while ago, but as I’ve been working with glazing and sanding and glazing again to get depths and light into my work, it just said stop! I believe working with landscapes, even if abstracted, makes me very restrained and tensed in my approach, at least in the end it does. So this series will be high key and abstract instead!Here is the first one, still under progress but getting pretty close to finished I believe. All comments are very appreciated, may I ask for your first impression? Title so far: “HAVING A BALL”

3 thoughts on ““HAVING A BALL” work under progress

  1. I feel I’m catching a glimpse into a mysterious environment with spirits or ghosts moving about, but it’s not cold or unfriendly feeling, quite the opposite.

    1. Thank you so very much for the lovely comment! Fun thing, I see a cat and sort off a horse also but I love your interpretation much more! So glad it doesn’t make you uncomfortable at least, I had only friendly thoughts in my mind working on it 😉

  2. I like the high key. It’s nice to see a painting with that kind of lightness and subtlety.

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