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CLARIFYING complimentary. Mixed media and cold wax & oil paint on paper. #coldwax #fineart

Finding shapes, scratching and smoothing, muddying and cleaning up. I believe these are now heading towards the finishing touch stage. I love the energy and the silver cool grays together with the purple and yellow and all the different variations of this palette. I would also love to hear what you think of these, so all honest feedback is much appreciated!

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After a new play stage and some drastic attacks white and light green, I now feel that these are going towards something that I really would like to continue on. Already I am finding portions that I truly love. Gosh, this time this process was far quicker and not so scary, which is a huge relief in itself. If only I don’t mess this up when I move on to clarifying, there is certainly a possibility there as well… 

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COLD WAX AND OIL, complementary exercise

MODULE 4 Complementary and b&w

This really was challenging for me. I don’t have a lot to choose from, so after a lot of search online for complementary colors I ended up with Alizarin Crimson and Viridian. The green I like, but the scarlet and grey mix, I right out and frankly hate. This exercise is aiming to not only ugly but to absolutely awful, and then I started painting with lots of negative feelings. The strangest things happened during the process though. When I had worked these colors by shifting, dragging, drawing, pushing and scraping for so long that I had to stop because everything became sticky and muddy, I realized that I had learned a lot after all during this exercise. Not only did I find some of the combinations interesting, I actually liked some parts of the paintings quite a lot. Hm, bad feeling turned good in the end 🤭🧐🙂