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Finished paintings

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Clarifying “Purple engineering I and II”. I’ve been working with these two for some time now, and I do feel they are close to finished, just need to leave them for a little while, and see them with fresh eyes. (The colors are brighter in flesh, will try to take new pics tomorrow.)

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CLARIFYING “Purple Engineering”

CLARIFYING These two “Purple Engineering” paintings.

I love to finally proceed in cwo after rather many many rounds of acrylics and crayons, sanding and scraping and playing on the surfaces.

The quest for finding what I love is continuously ongoing, and for each piece I learn more about that, and about how to achieve it.

Also, I must say that having got a new furry studio pal is such a gift, we are slowly coming to terms with who is in charge of papers and tools, even the tissue papers, which I guess ought to be me in the end… =)

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CLARIFYING, these two paintings are now speaking to me and is not far from finished, if not finished, (will take a look with fresh eyes tomorrow). Normally I have problems to come up with titles, but this time I was so happy to find that the titles actually gave themselves during the process. First painting: “Exploring/mountain living” Second painting: “Conducting the past”

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Still under progress, clarifying.

FAUVISM exploring/clarifying. Now I’ve applied cold wax to these two color shots, don’t know quite where they will go yet, but images inside the images are starting to evolving, so perhaps I’ll just play along 🤔🙃🤓

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CLARIFYING, work under progress. Now I feel that these are on their way to something I really like. I needed to see them lighter, and to add some more colors. Mixed media and cold wax & oil paints on paper.

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NEW WORK: mixed media and cwo on paper, work under progress

PLAY STAGE, trying to introduce some more pops of color before entering the new year!

Dry media on paper, thinly coated with cw medium, now they are ready for some cold wax and oils in the explore stage.

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NEW WORK, mixed media, acrylic and cold wax and oils on paper. Work under progress.

Exploring and playing. But where on the earth did the blue go? These were originally coated with bright blue and clear gesso, but somewhere in the process it all got painted over. And this is where they’re at in this point of time.
Acrylic, mixed media and cwo on mixed media paper.