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HI ALL! It has been silent from me for a while now, because I lost my dear dog a month ago, only 4,5 years old. But, am slowly getting back to painting and want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!

Hi all! Thanks to an agreement with a good friend of mine who also recently lost her dog, I have been doing some more work on the diptych I started a week ago. And I am so happy I did because now I got a bit excited while I was painting, I actually enjoyed this session! Luckily I had one little prepared panel for the leftover paint also. Thanks a lot to my good friend for the gentle little push!

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NEW PAINTING ON THE TABLE (under progress). Mixed media and acrylic on canvas.

This picture is of the first play stages on this piece, there will be some more playing on it before I start to explore what to keep and what to obliterate.

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Two more paintings in progress.

It is always so exciting to try out new ideas, and what is better than playing with shapes on leftover-paint boards as I have done in the upper piece. Or trying to let all the tiny bits meet in a greenish large shape as I in the lower piece. (The title on the lower painting will be: “Putting on the thinking hat” by the way.) Where these will end up in the end, is still in the blue, except that they will not be blue =)