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Hi everybody! I wish all of you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I know these are challenging times for so many of us, if not everybody due to the worldwide pandemic. The vaccines are underway, we can probably enter a much better spring and summer, so I am positive in this respect. As for the turmoil and the terrifying upheaval in the US, I know this is not a true picture of my many American friends. Also, I know that when people go from being fed and content to being hungry and desperate, we all have the potential to becoming dangerous, no matter what nationality we come from.

Even if I live in a tiny peaceful corner of the world, yet not seriously struck by the pandemic, I can clearly feel the anxiety for what could happen. We too have right wing extremists, demonstrated in all its horror on the attack on Utøya a few years ago. It is very difficult to be creative in times like this, nevertheless, for myself it is even more important to stay sane. So, I picked up some large bottles of acrylic, a couple of boards, speckle, gesso and started to play during the holidays.

The photo shows the painting itself (about 84 x 58 cm), still under progress, followed by some closeups of same.

My friends, please stay safe and stay healthy, better times are coming 💕

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FINISHED paintings

FAUVISM challenge
FINISHED (for now at least)
I found both paintings too screamingly colorful, so have tried to calm them down further. I believe I want to give the “Explorers” a few bright yellow pops to cheer them up though, before I send them out alone on their journey!
First painting: “Explorers”
Second painting: “Conducting the Past”

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CLARIFYING, these two paintings are now speaking to me and is not far from finished, if not finished, (will take a look with fresh eyes tomorrow). Normally I have problems to come up with titles, but this time I was so happy to find that the titles actually gave themselves during the process. First painting: “Exploring/mountain living” Second painting: “Conducting the past”

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Still under progress, clarifying.

FAUVISM exploring/clarifying. Now I’ve applied cold wax to these two color shots, don’t know quite where they will go yet, but images inside the images are starting to evolving, so perhaps I’ll just play along 🤔🙃🤓

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Exploring and playing some more. Subtracting, covering, adding, wondering, searching for who I am, and for what direction to take myself, and my paintings. Having fun while doing it, I think I’ll try to preserve some of the crayon marks and then proceed in cold wax and oils. So far it is only dry medium and acrylics.

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MIXED MEDIA ON PANEL, work under progress.

CLARIFYING. How this one went from a free and careless play on gesso to this one, I am not sure. But here it is, as it is, not finished yet, but getting there soon I believe. Now it is time to proceed in cold wax and oils so this is still quite exciting to work on! 

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Two more paintings in progress.

It is always so exciting to try out new ideas, and what is better than playing with shapes on leftover-paint boards as I have done in the upper piece. Or trying to let all the tiny bits meet in a greenish large shape as I in the lower piece. (The title on the lower painting will be: “Putting on the thinking hat” by the way.) Where these will end up in the end, is still in the blue, except that they will not be blue =)