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NEW WORK: mixed media and cwo on paper, work under progress

PLAY STAGE, trying to introduce some more pops of color before entering the new year!

Dry media on paper, thinly coated with cw medium, now they are ready for some cold wax and oils in the explore stage.

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NEW WORK, mixed media, acrylic and cold wax and oils on paper. Work under progress.

Exploring and playing. But where on the earth did the blue go? These were originally coated with bright blue and clear gesso, but somewhere in the process it all got painted over. And this is where they’re at in this point of time.
Acrylic, mixed media and cwo on mixed media paper.

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All of these has been within reach when I’ve had some leftovers. And in case you wonder, no, I was not angry, but the blue came on so tight and heavy on two of them so I had to do something to loosen it up a bit, hence the rather wild skewer job 😂🤭😅

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CLARIFY (blue painting) and EXPLORE (yellow painting) Back and forth goes the way towards finished. Up and down and trying and failing and trying some more. Now knowing that nothing is wrong, and that ugly is good, this will always be an exciting way to follow for sure 😅🙃🤓